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Accused of sexual assault of a child and repeated sexual assault of the same child, a Wisconsin man faced a very long prison term, registry as a sex offender, and lifetime supervision. Attorney Chris Van Wagner helped the jury move beyond the emotion to view the facts of the case.
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A bigamist is a person who is married to more than one person at one time or married to a person who is married to more than one person at one time. In other words, if either spouse was previously married to another person from whom a divorce was not obtained, both parties commit the crime of bigamy.

Bigamy is illegal under Wisconsin law (WI Stat 944.05), whether the marriage occurs in the state of Wisconsin or outside of the state of Wisconsin. A second marriage is invalid in Wisconsin if a prior marriage has not been dissolved. Bigamy is a Class I felony.

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Why Is Bigamy A Crime?

Bigamy is a crime under the law of every state in the United States, with the exception of Utah, and then it is only legal if all of the parties to the marriage reside in the state of Utah. If any party to the marriage moves out of the state of Utah and becomes a resident of another state, then they must follow the laws of the state into which they move and become a legal resident. A person can only have one legal residency. In that situation, if any of the spouses to that marriage moved to Wiscosnin and became a legal resident of the state of Wisconsin, then the laws of Wisconsin would apply to the marital arrangement. If you are in that type of situation, then you should consult with a family law attorney regarding the legalities of family and child support. If you are accused of bigamy, then please contact the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood for a free consultation regarding your situation. This website does not nor does it intend to provide legal advice.

Van Wagner & Wood, S.C., Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are suspected of bigamy, if you have been accused of bigamy, or if you were previously convicted of bigamy, please call ( or ), [e-mail the attorneys] or [submit your case information] to the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood for a free brief but professional first-impression analysis of the criminal charges against you and how the laws of the state of Wisconsin may affect you. If you wish to challenge the conviction or imprisonment or directly appeal the lower court's decision or sentence, it may help to know that the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood have successfully overturned many prior convictions.