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U.S. Federal Indictment - Conspiracy, Conversion (Theft)

Tracey Wood's client had been federally charged with conversion - a theft crime under federal law, and conspiracy. He was acquitted on all federal charges while several other defendants were sentenced to very long prison terms.

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Federal Crimes

Van Wagner & Wood
defending people charged with federal crimes

The United States judicial system is divided into state and federal courts. Whether a person accused of a crime (particularly drug-related crimes) is prosecuted in the federal or state criminal system depends on what laws were violated and the policies and procedures of each court system. Out of the millions of felony prosecutions filed each year, only about three percent are filed in the federal system. Often a particular criminal behavior will violate both a state and a federal law; the most frequently charged crimes that fall under both jurisdictions involve controlled substance violations (drug crimes) and drug conspiracy.

Wisconsin State Criminal Charges
& United States Federal Criminal Charges

In theory, the offender could be prosecuted in both systems for the same criminal activity, but in practice this rarely happens. Most federal and state prosecutors divide up criminal charges based on availability of resources, which statute most closely fits the criminal conduct, available punishment in each system, and each system's policy considerations.

Suspects Under Investigation For A Drug Crime

If you are under investigation for a drug crime or other federal crime, if you have already been charged, or if you have already been convicted but believe your conviction or sentence were wrong, please please call or contact the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood right away.

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing federal charges, it is crucial to contact a lawyer who understand both the state and federal legal systems. The judicial systems, both federal and state, are very complex, and while all federal and state laws are available for you to read in numerous law books at the local repository, consuming the mounds of information, reviewing the referenced case law, and checking the precedent case law is a very time-consuming process, which may, and likely will, not proceed to a complete and thorough enough understanding of the law and the courtroom procedures to adequately defend against charges brought by an experienced and well prepared federal prosecutor.

In addition to being experienced with the federal court system, your lawyer must also be admitted to the federal district court. In Wisconsin, there are two federal court districts, the U.S. District Court Eastern District and the U.S. District Court Western District. If you are charged in Wisconsin with a federal crime, your case will be heard in either the Eastern District or the Western District Court, depending upon several conditions, such as where the crime was committed or where the majority of the evidence exists.

Appeals & Serious Crimes
Homicide - Murder - State - Federal

Van Wagner & Wood's criminal defense attorneys represent people in state criminal appeals cases throughout Wisconsin and federal criminal appeals cases nationwide at both intermediary court (Court of Appeals or Appellate Court) and the Supreme Court level. Van Wagner & Wood is one of few firms in Wisconsin that can and will handle Federal appeals.

Van Wagner & Wood also represents people in post conviction motions and post conviction relief remedies.

Free Initial Consultation

Van Wagner & Wood's lawyers are members of the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin, U.S. District Court Western District of Wisconsin, and the U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit. Attorney Chris Van Wagner is a former federal prosecutor. He has tried many federal cases to verdict, including many federal conspiracy cases. He has also tried and won high-profile trials, including several homicide cases.

If you are under investigation for a federal crime, if you have already been arrested for and charged with a federal crime, or if you were previously convicted of a federal crime and believe your conviction or sentence were wrong, please call ( in the Madison area, or statewide) the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood for a brief but professional free first-impression analysis of your case. You can also send your case information online, or email the attorneys.