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Child enticement is frequently charged by Wisconsin police in cyber sex stings in which police set up traps (entrapment) to catch would-be sexual assault offenders. Under Wiscosnin laws, if a person entices a minor through encouragement, luring, or other solicitations, the person can be charged with sexual assault regardless of whether a sexual assault actually occured.

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enticement & solicitation - wisconsin laws

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enticement of a child

Under Wisconsin law (WI Stat 948.07), child enticement generally occurs when a person causes or attempts to cause a child (a person under the age of 18 years) to go to any secluded place for illegal purposes. Enticement is an inchoate crime, which means that neither the enticement nor the intended crime must be completed in order for a crime to have been committed. It is a crime to attempt to entice a child into illegal activities whether or not the illegal activity occurs.

In order to prove enticement, the state's attorney must show that the enticement was intentional, and that the person sought to cause or caused the child to go into a building, vehicle, or other secluded place for the purpose of having or actually having sexual intercourse or sexual contact with the child, engaging the child in prostitution, exposing a sex organ to the child (whether it is the adult's or the child's organ), recording the child engaging in sexually explicit conduct, causing bodily or mental harm to the child, or giving or selling drugs to the child. If an accused person is convicted of child enticement, he is subject to the penalties of a Class D felony.

Attempted Child Enticement

If a person is accused and convicted of attempting to entice a child to engage in sexual intercourse or sexual contact, prostitution, exposure of a sexual organ (whether it is the adult's or the child's organ), recording the child engaging in sexually explicit conduct, or giving, buying or selling drugs, the attempt conviction is also a Class D felony. The attempt receives the same penalties as if the crime were completed.

Soliciting A Child For Prostitution

Under Wisconsin law, (WI Stat 948.08), if any person who is accused and convicted of intentionally solicits a child to practice prostitution, causes a child to practice prostitution, or puts a child into a place of prostitution is guilty of a Class D felony.

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