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Drunk driving is a traffic violation, but it is one of the most severe types of traffic violations. People convicted for drunk driving will pay fines and server jail time. They may even loose their driver's license, if they do not act quickly. A 1st OWI is non-criminal. A 2nd, 3rd, or 4th drunk driving charge is a misdemeanor. A 5th OWI or subsequent drunk driving fines are a felony.
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Traffic citations are issued by the state police, city police, campus police, and county sheriff departments throughout Wisconsin for ordinance and traffic violations such as reckless driving, speeding, OAR - Operating After Revocation, OAS - Operating While Suspended, and drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Citations

If you have been arrested for drunk driving while residing in or visiting Wisconsin, please refer to the information about drunk driving, or contact an attorney at Van Wagner & Wood right away.

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you may receive two tickets: one ticket for OWI - operating while under the influence; a second for PAC - violating the prohibited alcohol content level laws in Wisconsin.

Drunk driving convictions and test refusals remain on your DOT record permanently.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin who was arrested for drunk driving in another state, please refer to our national network of drunk driving attorneys for a quick reference to an attorney who is very qualified and capable of handling your drunk driving case. The attorneys listed in the national network are highly recommended by Van Wagner & Wood.

Check Your Driver's License Record

On the dot website, (, you can check the status of your driver's license, verify your eligibility for an occupational license, check your financial responsibility status, renew your license plate, check on your automobile title, and schedule a road test. The DMV offices are posted there, along with their hours, forms, and information for active duty military personnel.

Contact Van Wagner & Wood

If you are under investigation for a crime or drunk driving offense, if you have already been charged with a crime or drunk driving violation, or if you have already been convicted but believe your conviction or your sentence were wrong, call ( locally in Madison, Wisconsin, through Wisconsin) or e-mail ( ) the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood right away. They will give you a brief but professional first-impression analysis of your case and your situation, which will allow you to take an important first step in defending the case against you. You can also submit information about a criminal offense investigation or charge or a drunk driving OWI investigation or charge for a free case review.