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"Challenging Prior Operating Under Influence Conviction" by Attorney Tracey A. Wood helps drunk driving defense lawyers contest prior drunk driving charges for their clients. Attorney Wood is a Board of Regents member for the National College for DUI Defense.
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OAR & OAS: Operating After Revocation or Suspension

Van Wagner & Wood, Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers, Wisconsin

OAR is an acronym for "Operating After Revocation," and it refers to the operation of a vehicle after a person's driver's license has already been revoked for another offense such as drunk driving. OAS is an acronym for "Operating After Suspension" or operating while suspended.

Sentencing Guidelines For Operating After Revocation
or Operating While Suspended

Under Wisconsin statutes (Wis. Stat. 346.65(2m)), every judicial district in Wisconsin is required to adopt sentencing guidelines for judges to follow when sentencing a defendant convicted by the state of Wisconsin for drunk driving. [Sentencing Guidelines]

Wisconsin statutes (Wis. Stat. 343.44(1)(b) and Wis. Stat 343.44(2)(as)) provide statewide sentencing guidelines for sentencing defendants convicted in the state of Wisconsin for operating a vehicle after revocation or suspension. A copy of the July 27, 2005 guidelines is available at Wisconsin Sentencing Guidelines.

Expert Advice on Drunk Driving laws

Attorney Tracey Wood is nationally known for her expertise in drunk driving law, and her peers (other lawyers across the United States) consider her an authority on drunk driving law and Wisconsin's OWI (operating while intoxicated) laws. In fact, many other criminal defense lawyers call upon Tracey to help them build a winning defense for their clients. As well, Tracey Wood is the only attorney in the state of Wisconsin to have ever been appointed to the National College for DUI Defense Board of Regents, was the first attorney from Wisconsin to ever be appointed as Field Sobriety Test Instructor, and is a foremost authority on challenges to prior drunk driving conviction [Read Attorney Tracey Wood's article, "Challenging Prior Under Influence Conviction"].

Free Initial Consultation

If your drivers' license has already been revoked, please call ( or ) or email the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood so that we may help you determine if you can reacquire your driver's license, and if it is possible to have the OAR charges dropped through plea bargaining or negotiations with the district attorney or if you will need to prepare for a trial. Every situation is different, and each person's situation is unique, so the defense used to help one person may not work for the next person.

It costs you nothing more than a few minutes of your time to get a honest straightforward first-impression analysis of your cases so that you may take the right steps in preparing to defend yourself against the state's charges.

Contact criminal defense lawyers Van Wagner & Wood today

If you are under investigation for a crime or drunk driving offense, if you have already been charged with a crime or drunk driving violation, or if you have already been convicted but believe your conviction or your sentence were wrong, call ( locally in Madison, Wisconsin, through Wisconsin) or e-mail ( ) the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood right away. They will give you a brief but professional first-impression analysis of your case and your situation, which will allow you to take an important first step in defending the case against you. You can also submit information about a criminal offense investigation or charge or a drunk driving OWI investigation or charge for a free case review.

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