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Attorney Tracey Wood's client was acquitted on all federal charges of conspiracy and conversion in the largest federal theft ever in the history of Wisconsin. See Fort Mc Coy Acquitted Theft

Attorney Chris Van Wagner is a former federal prospector who handled many conspiracy cases in the state of Wisconsin.

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Former federal prosecutor and current private criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Christopher Van Wagner (Chris) has litigated many drug cases under both federal and Wisconsin state laws including trafficking, possession with intent to sell, manufacturing, and running a drug dwelling. In many instances, those cases also involved conspiracy charges against the accused.

Federal Drug Abuse Prevent & Control Act

In 1970, the federal government passed the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, which codified federal drug law into a uniform system. The Act classifies drugs into five categories listing them in schedules and establishes regulatory requirements and penalties for the misuse of the drugs on each schedule. The Act also allows the United States Attorney General to add drugs to the schedules as necessary.

Federal Drug Schedules

Wisconsin's drug laws mirror the federal act, but the penalties differ; some are less harsh and more flexible under the state's sentencing schemes than under the federal sentencing guidelines; others are more severe. A conviction of simple possession, for example may receive a sentence under state law of drug treatment rather than jail time, and probation may be available to first-time offenders for even the more serious crimes.

The most severe legal restrictions and penalties involve Schedule I and II drugs as set forth in the federal law. (Click here to review the schedules).

Federal Courts

Federal courts operate differently than state courts and require different procedures. Federal criminal defense attorneys who are already admitted to the Western District or Eastern District courts (the two main federal courts where federal criminal cases are tried in the state of Wisconsin) know those rules of conduct and procedure, when to file motions, how to prepare information for a federal judge, and how to try federal cases. Because of those very strict procedural rules, most criminal defense attorneys in the state of Wisconsin cannot or will not try cases in federal court.

The federal criminal defense lawyers at Van Wagner & Wood have been admitted to the federal courts in the state of Wisconsin for many years, and both have successfully tried many cases in the federal courts.

Free Initial Consultation

Whether you are under investigation for a drug related crime, have already been charged, or were previously convicted but believe your conviction or your sentence were wrong, please call ( in the Madison area, or statewide) the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood for a brief but professional free first-impression analysis of your case. You can also send your case information online, or email the attorneys. They will give you a brief but professional first-impression analysis of your case and your situation, which will allow you to take an important first step in defending the case against you.