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9 Felony charges for sexual assault of a minor child dismissed! Attorney Christopher Van Wagner defending.

Not Guilty of multiple counts of Sexual Assault! Attorney Christopher Van Wagner defending.

Not Guilty of Sexual Assault of an Unconscious Victim. Attorney Tracey Wood defending.
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9 felony counts
sexual assault of child

"Eldridge was the victim of an outrageous sexual assault at the hands of the alleged co-defendant, not an offender," said Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner. "Justice was served here."

On March 16, 2010, all charges against Codette M. Eldridge, 32, formerly of Portage, Wisconsin, were dismissed. Eldridge faced a potential prison sentence of over 200 years on the nine felony charges.

Eldridge was a social worker in Columbia County, and another victim of her co-defendant when falsely accused of committing nine Felony counts of Sexual Assault of a Child against two boys. The alleged co-defendant is the father of one boy, and an uncle of the other. According to reports and criminal complaints, the co-defendant ordered a 13-year old boy to have sexual intercourse with Eldridge, to watch as the co-defendant had sexual intercourse with Eldridge, and then allowed that boy to watch as his younger 12-year old brother had sex with Eldridge. The 12-year old boy was also forced to watch his father have sex with Eldridge.

As a child protective services social worker at the Columbia County Department of Health and Human Services, Eldridge had worked with the Columbia County DA, so Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Dufour, was assigned to handle the case, Dufour stated that the charges were dismissed because the boys' grandmother was unwilling to have the boys return to Wisconsin.

"The dismissal was appropriate," said Attorney Van Wagner, "regardless of the DA's reasons for dismissal."

Dufour touted his willingness to file new charges in the case once the boys reach 18 years of age if reassigned as a special prosecuting attorney, and if the boys would cooperate at that time.

Van Wagner said, "We'll then be back to defend her innocence."

Van Wagner also added that Eldridge, "is greatly relieved that the charges have been dismissed."

The alleged co-defendant is a resident of Portage, Wisconsin whose name is being withheld to protect the boys. He attended a plea hearing on March 16, 2010 on nine similar Felony charges in this case, and is being held held in the Columbia County jail on felony charges of Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment in an unrelated case.

"If the case had gone to trial," said Attorney Christopher Van Wagner, she would have been proven to be a "victim of an outrageous sexual assault at the hands of the alleged co-defendant."

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