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Wisconsin criminal & dui defense attorney Tracey Wood named to Super LawyersAttorney Tracey A. Wood is the only female lawyer in Wisconsin to have been named Top 5% DUI Attorneys, Top 25 Women In Law & appointed to National College for DUI Defense Board of Regents.

Super Lawyers Wisconsin Attorney Wood
Sexual Assault Defense Attorney Christopher Van Wagner wins not guilty verdict in 1st Degree Sexual Assault Of Child Felony caseNOT GUILTY of sexual assault: First Degree Sexual Assault - Repeated Acts of Sexual Assault. A Prairie du Chien - Crawford County Wisconsin - jury found Attorney Van Wagner's client not guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault.
Wisconsin Drunk Driving defense attorney, Tracey Wood, wins appeal in DUI test refusal case.Refusal conviction reversed on appeal by drunk driving defense Attorney Tracey Wood. Wisconsin Court of Appeals says gradual coloring outside the lines is not sufficient probable cause for a stop and the subsequent arrest evidence is "fruits of the illegal stop."

9 1st Degree Felony Sexual Assault Of Child counts dismissed by Christopher Van WagnerDISMISSED 9 Felony Counts Sexual Assault of Child Attorney Chris Van Wagner said, "She was a victim of sexual assault, not an offender! Justice was served. If new charges are filed, we will defend her."

Attorney Tracey Wood appointed to Board of Regents for National College for Drunk Driving DefenseWisconsin's first ever attorney appointed to Board of Regents for National College for DUI Defense, Attorney Tracey is a successful drunk driving defense lawyer with Van Wagner & Wood of Madison, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Criminal Law Attorney Christopher Van Wagner wins Felony Murder caseNOT GUILTY of murder: Defendant confesses to murder & mayhem; jury acquits." Not since the OJ Simpson trial has a jury been more believing," Chris Van Wagner said, "The jury believed Meng."
Challenging Priors? Challenging Prior Operating Under Influence Convictions - DUI OWI - by Attorney Tracey WoodAttorney Tracey Wood authors "Challenging Prior Operating While Intoxicated Convictions", published in Wisconsin Defender, a special trade journal for criminal defense law.

Court TV Commentator Christopher Van Wagner Wisconsin Hunting Murder caseCourt TV Commentator, Attorney Christopher Van Wagner explains Vang's Wisconsin hunting and murder case. See WI Felon Hunting

Court TV Legal News commentor Christopher Van Wagner

Tracey Wood wins Not Guilty Largest Military Theft Conspiracy Conversion Case in WisconsinNOT GUILTY: Federal theft conversion & conspiracy charges in largest military base theft of 153 vehicles, Tracey Wood's client was facing felony charges of 15 years in prison & $500k in fines; 3 others were convicted.
Van Wagner & Wood Repeatedly Voted Madison's Best Criminal Defense LawyersVan Wagner & Wood Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Defend You Regardless of the Criminal Charge

Successful Criminal &
Drunk Driving Defense

Van Wagner & Wood, S. C.
Wisconsin Super Lawyers - Madison's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers
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Christopher T. Van Wagner, Attorney at Law, Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer Tracey A. Wood, Attorney at Law, Drunk Driving Defense LawyerAttorney Christopher (Chris) Van Wagner and Attorney Tracey Wood, the founders of Van Wagner & Wood, S. C. exclusively devote themselves to helping people who are under criminal investigation, arrested for a criminal offense or drunk driving, or already convicted of a crime or DUI and want to appeal the conviction or sentence. Over their more than thirty combined years of practicing law, the criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood have helped thousands of people charged with a felony or misdemeanor, and handled every type of criminal and drunk driving charge.

Lawyers With A Winning Criminal Trial Record

Very few lawyers know the feeling of an outright acquittal (not guilty verdict) in their careers, yet the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood have won many not guilty verdicts for their clients. Their successful record of trials, plea bargains, and appeals often causes prosecutors to make very favorable settlement agreements to avoid a hearing at which Van Wagner & Wood might prevail.

Van Wagner & Wood's winning trial and settlement records have earned them a solid, undeniably strong, and highly respected reputation throughout Wisconsin's legal community, with Wisconsin Circuit Court judges and Federal judges, in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and across the United States, as well as many honors and awards for their intelligent legal strategies and skills in developing and delivering strong defenses for each individual client's case. The criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood have repeatedly been praised by their clients and honored by their peers for the results they have obtained.

Wisconsin Criminal & Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm

Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner & Attorney Tracey Wood defend people against every type of criminal or drunk driving charge, including Sexual Assault, Reckless Injury, OWI DUI, Theft, Posession of a Controlled Substance, Possession With Intent To Sell and the more common criminal charges & drunk driving offenses listed to the left. A handful of cases they have won at trial and on appeal are listed in the Legal News Headlines.

If you are facing a criminal charge not listed here, please contact the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood - they will give you a very straight forward brief and free but professional "first-impression" analysis of your case. They will defend you regardless of the criminal charges.

Wisconsin Super Lawyers

Wisconsin Super Lawyers, Attorneys Van Wagner WoodAttorney Christopher T. Van Wagner and Attorney Tracey Wood have repeatedly been named to Wisconsin Super Lawyers. Van Wagner & Wood is the only criminal defense law firm in the state of Wisconsin to have all partners named to Super Lawyers.

Washington Lawyers

Washington IP Lawyer Stevan Lieberman - focused on prosecution (applying for Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights), litigation in intellectual property law, especially domain name / Internet law and Internet Technologies and contractual issues.

Madison's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers

Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin Best Criminal Defense LawyersVan Wagner & Wood's attorneys have been repeatedly named Madison's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers by their peers throughout Dane County (Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area). Van Wagner & Wood is also the only law firm in the state of Wisconsin to have all partners named to Madison's Best Criminal Defense Lawyers list.

Wood Named Top Female Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Tracey A. Wood was named to "Top 25 Women in Law in Wisconsin" by Super Lawyers, and Women In The Law by the Wisconsin Law Journal for her achievements in law.

Drug Related Defense - Federal & Wisconsin Attorneys

Possession, Manufacturing, Selling, Distribution, Trafficking Drugs

The criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood frequently defend people against drug charges including possession, manufacturing, selling, distributing, and trafficking a controlled substance. Van Wagner & Wood's attorneys defend people against every type of drug charge and in both federal and state courts.

Attorney Chris Van Wagner is a former Federal prosecuting attorney (Madison, Wisconsin) and a former state prosecuting attorney (Trenton, New Jersey) who has tried hundreds of federal cases to verdict. He has represented people against Federal charges ranging from drug related crimes and arson to kidnapping before the toughest U. S. District Judges, including US District Judge Barabara Crabb.

Attorney Tracey Wood is the victorious federal defense attorney in the largest ever military theft and conspiracy case in Wisconsin history.

If you are under investigation for a drug-related crime, if you have been arrested on drug charges, or if you have already been convicted of a drug crime and believe the conviction or sentence were wrong, please contact Van Wagner & Wood right away for a free confidential "first-impression" analysis of your case. Remember, Van Wagner & Wood will defend you regardless of the charges.

Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

Operating While Under Influence Arrests, Test Refusals, Appeals

Well regarded as Wisconsin's leading drunk driving defense law firm, the firm has accomplished some very remarkable results in OWI cases. Van Wagner & Wood's OWI defense strategies have won numerous acquittals (not guilty verdicts), dismissed drunk driving charges, and drunk driving criminal appeals (see Refusal Reversed, 4th OWI Overturned, Third OWI Reversed, Illegal Trial Thrown Out).

Attorney Tracey Wood wrote Challenging Prior Under Influence Convictions. She is a contributing author to DUI Defense, the DUI defense lawyer's bible. She was Wisconsin's first ever, youngest and only female attorney ever appointed to the Board of Regents for the National College for DUI Defense. [See DUI Defense Books]. Wisconsin drunk driving laws (DUI WI Laws) also continue to be under review with pending legislation to increase penalties.

Sex Crimes & Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault of Child, Repeated Acts, Computer Sex Crimes

The criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood frequently represent people charged with every type of sex crime. Attorney Christopher Van Wagner & Attorney Tracey Wood have successfully defended people accused of enticement and solicitation during an Internet sting, first degree sexual assault (see Crawford County Wisconsin Circuit Court jury acquittal), second degree sexual assault (see Not Guilty - Madison Wisconsin - two counts of second degree sexual assault), as well as on appeal (see Sexual Assault Appeal Won).

In addition to his stellar trial record of winning numerous homicide and murder cases, Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner has won some rather remarkable sexual assault trials for his clients including trials in which his client was falsely accused of numerous crimes of sexual assault, sexual assault of a child and exposing a child to sexual activity or pornography.

Attorney Tracey Wood has recently won a not guilty verdict in a case involving drunk sexual assault charges in which her client was accused of sexual assault of an unconscious victim.

Homicide & Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Negligent Homicide, Vehicular Homicide, Intentional 1st Degree Homicide, Felony Murder

Attorney Chris Van Wagner is a three-time recipient of the highly acclaimed Martin Hanson Advocate's Prize for numerous homicide & murder acquittals (not guilty verdicts). He has defended people accused of felony murder, premeditated murder charged under Wisconsin law as first degree intentional homicide (see Murder Charges Dismissed), vehicular homicide (see No Criminal Liability in Wisconsin Dells), and negligent homicide (see No Proof Of Criminal Negligence). Chris Van Wagner has won some very high profile cases, winning many outright acquittals, some of which have literally shocked the legal and local community (see Meng Acquitted of Murder).

Intoxicated Vehicular Homicide - Drunk Driving

Attorney Christopher Van Wagner and Attorney Tracey Wood frequently defend people accused of vehicular homicide and vehicular homicide while intoxicated. Attorney Van Wagner has been repeatedly awarded the Martin Hanson Advocate Prize for numerous homicide acquittals. Attorney Tracey Wood is Wisconsin's foremost authority on drunk driving laws and defenses. She frequently defends people who have been accused of felony drunk driving (fifth or subsequent OWI), misdemeanor drunk driving (second, third and fourth drunk driving offense), vehicular homicide while driving drunk, and operating after suspension or revocation.

Self Defense - Defense of Others - Defense of Property

Under Wisconsin laws, a person has a right to bear arms (provided they have not previously been convicted of a felony). Wisconsin's self-defense laws state that people have the right to protect themselves if they reasonably believe they're in danger of serious injury or death. That right is extended to a person's family members (or another person) if the person defending another would reasonably believe that he was in danger of serious injury or death if he stood in the shoes of the other person he is protecting. Attorney Christopher Van Wagner comments on "reasonable belief" and a person's .

White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes - Embezzlement, Fraud, Securities, Tax Law

Van Wagner & Wood's Federal and Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys frequently defend people accused of financial crimes (called white collar crimes) such as embezzlement, credit card fraud, securities fraud, telemarketing fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, tax fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, government fraud, extortion, loan sharking, blackmail, and Internet crimes.

Wisconsin Circuit Courts - United States Federal Courts

Wisconsin Courts State Federal Attorney Chris Van Wagner and Attorney Tracey Wood defend people in both Wisconsin State Circuit Courts and U.S. Federal District Courts against both state and federal charges, in both the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals to appeal a prior conviction, and in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Van Wagner & Wood will defend you regardless of the court or the charges. Wisconsin attorneys Van Wagner & Wood represent Wisconsin residents in state cases, and residents of other states in federal cases.

Wisconsin Lawyers

Wisconsin MapVan Wagner & Wood
1 North Pinckney Street, Suite 300
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

From their law offices in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, the criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood represent people throughout Wisconsin, and most frequently appear in Dane County (Madison WI), Sauk County (Baraboo WI), Columbia County (Portage WI), Eau Claire County (Eau Claire WI), La Crosse County (La Crosse WI), Marathon County (Wausau WI), Rock County (Janesville WI), Waukesha County (Waukesha WI), and all other Wisconsin circuit courts.

For Federal cases, the attorneys represent people in both the Western District Court (Madison WI or Eau Claire WI) and Eastern District Court (Milwaukee WI or Green Bay WI).

Criminal Appeals & Post Conviction Relief

Van Wagner & Wood's attorneys represent people in post conviction relief motions and criminal appeals in the Wisconsin Circuit Courts, Wisconsin Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals (federal appeals) for the 7th District.

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