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In the largest military theft crime known, Attorney Tracey Wood won an outright acquittal for her client while three other defendants were convicted and sentenced to very long prison terms and subject to very large monetary fines. The theft of military property is a federal offense. The Ft. McCoy case was tried in the Federal Court, Madison WI.
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Wisconsin Property Crimes

A property crime is an illegal act commtted against property without consent. Wisconsin law codifies property crimes under Wisconsin Statute 943 - Crimes Against Property.

Property Crimes include conversion, theft, arson, burglary, robbery, and white collar crimes such as embezzlement or theft by fraud.

The criminal defense lawyers at Van Wagner & Wood represent people under investigation, arrested, charged or convicted of any time of crime, including property crimes, in the state of Wisconsin. For a list of the courts where the attorneys from Van Wagner & Wood most frequently appear, please refer to the Wisconsin court page.

Wisconsin Crimes Against Property

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