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In the largest known military base theft case, Attorney Tracey Wood's client was acquitted (found not guilty) of federal charges alleging conspiracy and conversion. Three other defendants were convicted and sentenced to Federal prison. Fort McCoy Military Vehicle Theft Acquittal
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Wisconsin Crimes Against Property

Theft by False Pretenses

If the defendant intentionally defrauds the property owner through misrepresentation of facts or by deceit, and the title to the property transfers from the rightful owner to the defendant, then the crime of false presentences is committed so long as it was the defendant's intent to defraud and the defendant defrauded the property owner. Under Wisconsin law, the crime of false pretenses is charged as theft by fraud. Note that a false representation includes a promise made with intent not to perform upon the promise if it is a part of a false and fradulent scheme; a promise made with an intent to perform and a later failure to perform is a breach of promise.

No Intent to false pretense

If the defendant did not intend to defraud the property owner, or if the defendant honestly believed the facts were as he thought they were, or if the victim would have transferred title in any case, then the crime of false pretenses was not committed.

Obtaining Private Information

Another form of false pretenses involves private information. Under Wisconsin Statute 610.07, Wisconsin law prohibits any person to knowingly and willfully obtain information about an individual from an insurer or insurance support organization under false pretenses. Obtaining information under false pretenses is both a criminal offense and a noncriminal tort. A person who is criminally charged for obtaining information under false pretenses can be fined for up to $25,000, or imprisoned for up to 9 months, or both.

Successful Criminal Defense

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