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Wisconsin criminal code enumerates crimes against persons under classifications of the crime: felony charges and misdemeanor charges. Crimes against people usually include great bodily harm.
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Felony Murder, Negligent Homicide, Reckless Homicide, Intentional Homicide, Reckless Injury



Wisconsin classifies homicide into first and second degree intentional homicide. Murder is a separate crime (felony murder).

First-degree intentional homicide

First degree intentional homicide is kiling with intent, premeditation, deliberation...

First-degree reckless homicide

First degree reckless homicide is with reckless disregard for human life...

Felony Murder

Felony murder is murder committed during the commission of a felony, or during an attempt to commit another felony...

Second-degree intentional homicide

Second degree intentional homicide is first degree intentional homicide mitigated to a lesser charge... see also manslaughter

Second-degree reckless homicide

Second degree reckless homicide is a lesser charge to first degree reckless homicide

Homicide resulting from the negligent handling of dangerous weapons, explosives, or fire arm

A hunting accident, for example. In the case of Hunter Chai Vang being convicted of First Degree Murder, the use was not negligent. Negligent homicide requires criminal negeligence.

Homicide by intoxicated use of vehicle or firearm

Vehicular homicide while intoxicated... VEHICULAR HOMICIDE

Homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle

See vehicular homicide.

Mutilating or hiding a corpse - concealment (Avery - Dassey case)

Currently, mayhem is not provided on this site, but see State of Wisconsin vs. Meng, where Meng, represented by Attorney Chris Van Wagner, was acquitted of murder and hiding a corpse.

Assisting suicide

Assisted suicide occurs when a person intentionally kills himself with the help of another individual.


Battery; substantial battery; aggravated battery
Battery to an unborn child; substantial battery to an unborn child; aggravated battery to an unborn child
Battery; special circumstances
Battery or threat to witnesses
Battery or threat to judge
Battery or threat to department of revenue employee
Battery or threat to department of commerce or department of workforce development employee
Sexual exploitation by therapist
Sexual assault
Reckless injury
Injury by negligent handling of dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire
Injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle
Abuse of vulnerable adults
Abuse of residents of penal facilities
Law enforcement officer; failure to render aid
Abuse and neglect of patients and residents
False imprisonment
Taking hostages
Duty to aid victim or report crime
Intimidation of witnesses; misdemeanor
Intimidation of witnesses; felony
Intimidation of victims; misdemeanor
Intimidation of victims; felony


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