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Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner won a not guilty verdict for his client charged with multiple counts of sexual assault (2nd degree sexual assault).

Attorney Tracey A. Wood presented at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers & debunked the myths & mysteries about drunk driving laws, arrests & defenses.

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Drunk Driving Laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws by TAW - Tracey A. Wood

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  • 10 Rules for Jurors - If you are a juror, you will want to have these 10 handy rules about your responsibilities and how you can help further justice in the court system.
  • Practice Areas - Criminal Law - An overview of criminal law and the practice of a criminal defense attorney.
  • Right word, wrong meaning? For a translation from everyday terms to the proper Wisconsin criminal law term, visit this handy article.

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2006 Wisconsin Super Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Chris Van Wagner, for more information about how this organization conducts its research to name the top lawyers, please visit their website at

2007 Wisconsin Super Criminal Defense Lawyers, Drunk Driving Lawyers, White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers named Tracey Wood to Super Lawyers Wisconsin for 2007.

2008 Wisconsin Super Lawyers recipient Attorney Christopher Van Wagner & 2008 Wisconsin Super Lawyers recipient Attorney Tracey Wood named to Super Lawyers for Wisconsin in Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes & Drunk Driving Defense.

2008 Top 25 Women In Law, Wisconsin Super Lawyers award bestowed upon Attorney Tracey Wood

2009 Women In The Law - top 21 female attorneys in law in Wisconsin - bestowed upon Attorney Tracey Wood, the only criminal defense lawyer

Christopher T. Van Wagner, a criminal defense attorney in Madison, Wisconsin.

Disorderly conduct defense lawyers, Madison Wisconsin defending people against disorderly conduct & domestic violence charges. Disorderly charges & penalties.

Domestic terrorism charges - Chris Van Wagner said, "It's clear that (the guidelines) were put in place to punish those who seek to subvert our government and not intended to increase the punishment for people who simply engage in criminal mischief but had no terrorist angle or connection whatsoever".

Drug defense lawyers of Wisconsin, based in Madison in close proximity to the Wisconsin state capitol building and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Drunk Driving DUI Lawyers - Tracey Wood is featured on this site as the best DUI attorney in Wisconsin. You can also find top DUI attorneys in other states.

DUI Defense Attorneys of Wisconsin - named best of class, first regent, repeatedly recipient of Martin Hanson Advocate's Prize.

Free Drunk Driving Case Review - If you have been stopped for drunk driving, submit your case now for a free case review

Good Morning America! interviews Attorney Chris Van Wagner, Madison, Wisconsin - Good Morning America invited Attorney Chris Van Wagner to appear as a guest criminal law commentator

Justia Blawg Search - Legal BLOG listings. - Lawyers across the United States by practice areas., Martindale-Hubbell - Biography of Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner and, Martindale-Hubbell - Biography of Attorney Tracey A. Wood

Madison's Best, 2007, Madison's Best 2005 - Madison's Best by Madison Magazine

Martin Hanson Advocate’s Prize - Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers award for the top performance in defending people against homicide and very serious crimes

NACDL: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - national organization of criminal defense and drunk driving defense lawyers

NCDD: National College for DUI Defense - Attorney Tracey Wood is featured on this site; she is a member of the very distinguished Board of Regents of the National College for DUI Defense.

Sex crimes & enhanced penalty drug & sex crimes defense law firm representing people across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Murder Defense Lawyers - Attorney Chris Van Wagner is one of a handful of criminal defense attorneys in the state of Wisconsin who have tried numerous homicide and very serious crime cases

Wisconsin Drunk Driving OWI DUI OMVWI DWI Defense Lawyers - Attorney Tracey Wood is Wisconsin's foremost authority on drunk driving. She is a Board of Regents member to the National College for DUI Defense.

Wisconsin Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys - Attorney Chris Van Wagner and Attorney Tracey Wood have successful tried many sexual assault cases. Recently, Attorney Chris Van Wagner won an acquittal (not guilty verdict) in a Crawford County circuit court case involving multiple counts of sexual assault

Special Public Defender, Assigned Counsel, Attorney Chris Van Wagner - Attorney Chris Van Wagner has been asked by courts - as a favor to the court - to assist in the defense of people accused of homicide and other very serious offenses

Tracey A Wood, DUI Defense Trainer and Attorney - Attorney Tracey Wood is a DUI Defense Trainer and successful drunk driving defense lawyer

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State and federal courts, sexual assault, drug offenses, domestic battery, homicide, fraud and theft, drunk driving, and federal charges.

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