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Attorney Tracey Wood convinces trial court to reconsider its sentencing. Her client gets probation instead of a 10 year prison sentence.

Criminal conviction goes noncriminal for Attorney Wood's client in post conviction appeal.

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Attorney Christopher Van Wagner & Attorney Tracey Wood represent people throughout Wisconsin who are seeking parole or have an upcoming parole hearing. If you or someone significant to you has an upcoming parole review hearing, please contact Van Wagner & Wood's office as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

Conditions Of Parole

Although being paroled means being on "the outside" (rather than "the inside") of a prison cell, it is not without restrictions.

During a period of parole:

Convicted felons cannot own or possess firearms of any type. (Note - a convicted felon also cannot own or possession a firearm at any time after a conviction for a felony).

Felons cannot vote until their sentence is completed.

Mandatory voluntary work and for-hire work conditions may be imposed upon the parolee.

Probation conditions apply, including reporting to a probation officer.

Be good. Be very, very good.

Criminal Defense & Appeals Attorneys, Wisconsin

Attorney Chris Van Wagner & Attorney Tracey Wood, the founders of Van Wagner & Wood, exclusively devote their professional time and energies to helping people charged (or convicted) of a crime or drunk driving in the state of Wisconsin, challenging prior convictions, and appealing prior convictions and sentences nationwide.

Van Wagner & Wood's attorneys have successfully argued before both the state and federal courts of appeal, and successfully moved a court to reverse itself in unfair trials and prior legal misrepresentation cases.

Their record clearly reflects their intelligent and professional approach to their cases, their hard work, and their skill in developing a strategy for their client's case, while drawing upon their knowledge, experience and skill from past cases.

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