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Wisconsin Drunk Driving Attorney Tracey Wood wins appeal of 4th offense OWI. WI Court of Appeals overturns conviction - prior convictions don't count, refusal cannot be used against defendant, evidence inadmissable, chain of custody of evidence questioned.

Wisconsin gets first regent on NC DUI Defense board: Tracey Wood.

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In 2000, 80% of all people arrested for drunk driving (OWI) were convicted. With odds like those, it may help to know that the criminal defense firm of Van Wagner & Wood in Madison Wisconsin is home to Attorney Tracey A Wood, one of Wisconsin most leading authorities on Wisconsin's OWI laws, nationally recognized for her successful defense strategies to OWI charges, guest speaker at the seminars that teach lawyers about defending drunk driving charges, and most recently, the first woman to ever present to the national membership of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. If you would your case reviewed by the lawyer that other lawyers consult with on effective OWI defense strategies, email .

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The following chart depicts the statistics maintained by the Office of the Justice Assistance for the calendar year January 1 - December 31, 2000. Their numbers reveal that more 38,000 people were charged with an OWI offense during 2000 and 80% of those were actually convicted. Of those, the majority (68%) were male adults 21 years of age or older.

OWI Arrests - 38,324
OWI Arrests - Male Adults 68%
OWI Arrests - Female Adults 12%
OWI Arrests - Male Juveniles 17%

OWI Arrests - Female Juveniles 3%
OWI Arrests Cleared 24.3%
Total OWI Convictions 30,592
OWI Convictions Over 21 27,533
OWI Convictions Under 21 306
OWI Convictions Under 18 655
OWI Involving Crash 9,135
OWI Involving Crash, Under 21 1,251
OWI Involving Crash Over 21 7,347


During 2002, Dane County police officers arrested 2,083 people on OWI charges, Fond du Lac County police arrested 1,090, and the state patrol arrested 2,730 across the state of Wisconsin.

Adams 132
Columbia 645
Dane 2,083
Dodge 480
Fond Du Lac 1,090
Green 226
Green Lake 219
Iowa 207
Jefferson 688
Marathon 679
Marquette 137
Monroe 326
Portage 498
Richland 108
Rock 801
Sauk 519
State Patrol 2,730
Waupaca 330
Wood 546

Recognized Expertise

The NCDD recognizes only a handful of attorneys as drunk driving experts. Attorney Tracey Wood is one of that elite group.

Attorney Tracey Wood was appointed to the Board of Regents for the NCDD. The board of comprised of only the most experienced drunk driving defense attorneys in the nation. Attorney Tracey Wood teaches drunk driving defense strategies to attorneys across the United States and is both currently and regularly involved in helping to define the path for drunk driving defense within state legislation.

Without a doubt, if you have been arrested for drunk driving, you will want to speak with Attorney Tracey Wood. To arrange a confidential conversation, please call ( locally in Madison, Wis, or nationally), or submit your case for review, or email Attorney Wood.

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