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Attorney Christopher Van Wagner presents Defending Sexual Assault Accusations & Charges, Defending The Entire Sexual Assault Case

Attorney Tracey Wood presents The Myth of Breathalyzers & Breath Tests In Drunk Driving Arrests, Defending Prior Operating Under Influence Conviction (OWI & DUI Defense)

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Criminal Defense FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

Under Investigation For A Crime

I have recently been informed that I am under investigation for a crime. Should I consult with you even though I have not been charged?

Yes. If you have been informed that you are under investigation for a crime, you have a right to remain silent and to have an attorney present during all questioning. The questions asked during an investigation form the evidence used to obtain a warrant, make an arrest, file an information, file charges, or convict a person.

Restraining orders after sexual assault charges

The police arrested me for sexual assault and banned me from my home. Can they do that?

Yes, if you are arrested for sexual assault and the victim is a member of your household, then you can be restricted from going to your home. The restriction is called a condition of release. If you violate the condition, you can be arrested.

Search & Seizure

The police searched my home without a warrant. Is that legal?

Maybe, but whether it was a legal search or an illegal search depends upon the circumstances. Please refer to search & seizures for general information or contact the firm for an initial consultation.

Disorderly Conduct

Is disorderly conduct a crime?

A disorderly conduct arrest is an arrest for conduct that disturbs others or the peace. In a real life situation, that conduct can range from shouting to a near assault. Disorderly conduct can be charged as a crime (a misdemeanor) or a noncriminal offense (an ordinance violation). A misdemeanor is a crime. A person accused and convicted of a misdemeanor may be sentenced to jail or fined or both. A person accused and convicted of an ordinance may not be sentenced to jail, but may be forced to forfeit property including fines of money.

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If you are under investigation for a crime or drunk driving offense, if you have already been arrested or charged for a criminal offense or drunk driving violation, or if you have already been convicted and want to appeal the conviction or sentence, please call ( or ) or e-mail the for a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.