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Sexual assault is always difficult to defend. All parties are emotional, children are sometimes involved, evidence is sensitive, public interest is great, stakes are high, and juries are unsympathetic. Attorney Chris Van Wagner won an acquittal for his client who had been accused of multiple incidents of sexual assault and charged with sexual assault as a felony in the first-degree.

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Sexual Assault Defense -
The Whole Case

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Sexual Assault Defense Seminar March 2

Attorney Chris Van Wagner Presenting

There are few criminal defense cases that are more difficult than defending the person charged with sexual assault. The parties are emotional, children might be involved, the evidence is sensitive, the public interest is great, the stakes are high, and the jury is not sympathetic.

It is not just the testimony of the accuser with which you have to contend. There might be physical evidence, including DNA, videos of interrogations and accusers, computer and other electronic issues, and publicity: How do you present your client and deal with the media?

The legal issues are thorny: Rape shield, prior bad acts, right to confrontation, Green/Schiffra, jury selection, and if you lose, sentencing issues and Chapter 980.

The seminar topics will help the defense attorney deal the whole case, from start to finish. This is a chance to look at the big picture of a highly charged situation and learn how others are dealing with the difficult issues every sexual assault case presents. It will be valuable and of interest to the experienced practitioner as well as those just starting their criminal defense practices.

Seminar is in Oconomowoc, at the Olympia Resort. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 8 CLE will be applied for.

Cost is $150 for WACDL members; $180 for non-members.

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Speakers include Attorney Chris Van Wagner, Attorney Craig Albee, Attorney Pam Moorshead (Glendale, Wisconsin), and Attorney Corey Chirafisi (Madison, WI), Attorney Michele Tjader (Madison, Wisconsin) and Steven Odenthal, plus a medical expert to speak on Sexual Assault Nurse Exams and Physical Evidence.

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