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Not A Scam, says Attorney Chris Van Wagner

"There was no corporate culture, nor was there any company policy to get money by any means possible"

Good Morning America
Criminal Law Commentator Attorney Chris Van Wagner

In Good Morning America's special news segment, "Scam or Solicitation", Madison criminal defense attorney Chris Van Wagner was asked if the Eau Claire County, Wisconsin case involving Duane Kolve was one of those scam cases. Chris Van Wagner said, "There was no corporate culture, nor was there any company policy to get money by any means possible."

Duane Kolve, owner of PAI, a company hired by the American Deputy Sheriff's Association to handle the non-profit organization's fund raising program, was charged with racketeering, a Felony E crime after one of PAI's solicitors contacted a spokesperson for Iowa's attorney general. The tape revealed a very low-key request for a donation made payable to the American Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Good Morning America reported that donations to charities exceed one billion dollars per year. Fund raising is a very necessary and very expensive endeavor, and often handled by outside vendors.

Despite Eau Claire County's elected district attorney's claim that an undercover agent said PAI instructed solicitators to use whatever means necessary to get money, the taped conversation revealed quite the opposite - a low-pressure offer to help obtain supplies for civil servants.

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