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"Only two or three cases out of 100 are vacated. This was rare", said Attorney Chris Van Wagner, legal analyst for C3K, "and it is the first time I have ever seen three judges hear oral arguments and decide immediately on an acquittal." Representation by Attorney Steve Hurley, legal commentary by Attorney Chris Van Wagner.
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Conviction of Georgia Thompson Vacated

Legal Analysis by Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates Thompson's Conviction & Orders Her Immediate Release

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated Georgia Thompson's convictions and ordered her immediate release.

Georgia Thompson was tried on Federal charges for steering funds to a travel agency that also contributed to Governor Jim Doyle's election campaign. Ms. Thompson denied any knowledge of the donations and said that it would be absolutely normal for her not to be aware of such things.

During oral arguments, the Appellate Court judges told the prosecutors that their case was "beyond thin" and Judge Diane Wood asked the prosecutors if that "was all" they had as evidence and argument.

Legal analyst Chris Van Wagner said that the court's ruling Thursday was extraordinary. "That is more than a legal ruling; it's a slap in the face," Van Wagner said. "This, no question about it, is a major affront to the government in many ways. Most significantly, it said you should have never brought this case."

Chris Van Wagner has handled many Federal cases and many Federal appeals. He said that the court's decision was rare and remarkable. "Two or three cases out of 100 are vacated. This case wasn't just vacated and sent back for a retrial, but rather the judges ordered an acquittal."

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