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Attorney Chris Van Wagner's client, Frank Pintz, faced Felony B charges - acquitted on all counts of sexual assault.

Attorney Tracey Wood's client faced Felony charges - acquitted of largest military theft conversion & conspiracy case known.

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Van Wagner & Wood, S.C. Sponsors, "The Sound of Music"

Music Theatre of Madison Presents, "The Sound of Music"

National College for DUI Defense Attorney Tracey WoodMadison WI. The Sound of Music, based on a true story, has captured the hearts of children and adults since its beginnings as a broadway hit. It is one of the many education-focused cultural events featured during 2007 by the Music Theatre of Madison (Wisconsin). [About The Sound of Music] Rodgers and Hammerstein's final musical collaboration is one of the best known musicals of all time and inspired an Academy Award winning film version starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The score features favorites such as "Climb Every Mountain", "Eidelweiss", "My Favorite Things", "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" and, of course, "The Sound of Music".


Van Wagner & Wood, S.C. Sponsors, "Assassins"

Music Theatre of Madison Presents, "Assassins"

Assassins Sponsored by Van Wagner & Wood, S.C.Madison WI. The Music Theatre of Madison presents Assassins, a Stephen Sondheim cult classic musical based on true stories of assassinations of Presidents of the United States. Assassins features music and lyrics by Sondheim and a book by John Weidman. Assassins premiered off Broad in 1990 and had a successful revival on Broadway in 2004, winning the Tony Award for best revival. Assassins features and profiles nine presidential assassins or would be assassins.


Georgia Thompson - Conviction Vacated

Attorney Christopher Van WagnerIn an exclusive interview with Legal Analyst Christopher T. Van Wagner, Channel 3000 provided the first coverage to air regarding the recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision (and Order) to vacate the conviction against Georgia Thompson

Chicago, Illinois. Attorney Chris Van Wagner said that the immediate order of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to vacate the conviction against Wisconsin employee Georgia Thompson was remarkable. "The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision was more than a legal ruling; it was a slap in the face," Van Wagner said, "This, no question about it, is a major affront to the government in many ways. Most significantly, it said you should have never brought this case." [Conviction of Georgia Thompson Vacated Immediate Release Ordered]


Sexual Assault Defense
Defending The Accused - Defending The Whole Case
Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Seminar
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin at Olympia Resort

Attorney Christopher Van WagnerLegal analyst and private criminal defense attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner, a former federal prosecutor, state prosecutor, and Chicago Illinois criminal defense lawyer will help attorneys across Wisconsin understand the complexities of the entire sexual assault case and how to defend a client in the face of serious criminal charges, an aggressive prosecutor, and the accuser.

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Attorney Chris Van Wagner, Attorney Craig Albee, Attorney Pam Moorshead (Glendale, Wisconsin), and Attorney Corey Chirafisi (Madison, WI), Attorney Michele Tjader (Madison, Wisconsin) together with medical experts, will speak on the issues of Sexual Assault defense cases, sexual assault nurse exams, and physical evidence in a sexual assault case.

[Sexual Assault Defense Seminar]


All Charges Against Cherie Barnard Were Dismissed

Rusk County Circuit Court (Ladysmith, Wisconsin), State -v- Cherie L Barnard

After 18 months of aggressive defense by Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner, Rusk County DA Pakes finally folded her hand. The State withdrew their criminal complaint against Cherie Barnard for Perjury Before A Grand Jury and Murder in a 28-year old homicide case for the murder of Robert Pfeil. Cherie's attorney Chris Van Wagner said that "Cherie was relieved that this long trip was over." [Cherie Barnard - All Charges Dismissed]


Slow Justice Takes Toll

Wisconsin State Journal :: LOCAL :: B1
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Susan Lampert Smith

Attorney Christopher Van Wagner"Not coincidentally, Van Wagner is the kind of guy I'd hire myself if I wanted to stay out of jail. He's smart and aggressive," said Wisconsin State Journal writer Susan Lampert Smith.

Attorney Chris Van Wagner said the most recent delay was necessary because the prosecution turned over a nine-page expert witness report on Sept. 21, three days before jury selection was supposed to begin. Van Wagner said the latest delay was necessary to ensure a fair trial, saying that surprise evidence "went out of style with Perry Mason." [Wisconsin State Journal]


Attorney Christopher Van WagnerFederal Judge Shabaz Sharp As A Tack says Chris Van Wagner

Former Federal Prosecutor, Chris Van Wagner, who now exclusively devotes his professional time to defending people charged with crimes often appears before Judge Shabaz, Federal Judge, Wesern District, Wisconsin. Chris Van Wagner says, [Judge Shabaz is] "sharp as a tack." [The Capital Times About Shabaz]


Driver found Not Guilty of Negligent Vehicular Homicide, Hit-and-Run Homicide

A jury deliberated for nearly three hours late Friday in Marquette County Circuit Court before turning in not guilty verdicts on all counts. Jon Salm, represented by attorney Chris Van Wagner, had been charged with two counts of criminal negligent homicide and two counts of hit-and-run causing death by use of a dangerous weapon. His twin brother, Brian Salm, of Neshkoro was acquitted of two counts of being a party to hit-and-run.


Attorney Christopher Van WagnerLegal Analyst Van Wagner Says Checkpoints Fail

Chris Van Wagner, Criminal Law Commentator, C3K Madison Wisconsin

In an interview by Madison Channel 3000 with Madison Wisconsin Attorney Chris Van Wagner, Chris Van Wagner, criminal law commentator said that the checkpoints were not effective in stopping drunk drivers.


Attorney Christopher Van WagnerLegal Analyst Van Wagner Says Criminal Negligence Must Be a Substantial Cause of Death

Attorney Christopher T. Van Wagner addresses the issues of providing criminal negligence as they relate to the recent case against accused defendant Kozlowski, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

It is not enough that the prosecuting attorney proves that the defendant was negligent. Ordinary negligent is not enough to prove negligent homicide. Rather, the prosecuting attorney must prove that the defenant was criminally negligent and that his criminally negligent act was a substantial cause of the victim's death. Criminal negligence is a much higher degree of negligence than ordinary negligence. [Criminal Negligence A Substantial Factor In Death?]


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