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26 January 2007. Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. A week long trial, a confident DA, a close community, and a court filled with relatives... the odds were stacking against Attorney Chris Van Wagner, but he proved his client's innocence - not guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault. Frank Pintz was cleared of all charges alleged against him. Not guilty.
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Frank Pintz - Not Guilty

Acquitted on All Counts of Sexual Assault

Crawford County Circuit Court
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
26 January 2007

The nightmare of a lifetime finally concluded today for one Prairie du Chien grandfather who had been falsely charged with sexual assault of his granddaughter when the jury read the verdict into the record: not guilty on all counts.

Over a year ago, in the small western Wisconsin town of Prairie du Chien, Frank Pintz was charged with multiple counts of sexual assaul and repeated sex of the same child. In the state of Wisconsin, sexual assault is a class B Felony. For a Class B Felony, the penalty is imprisonment up to 60 years.

On January 22, 2007, the jury was seated across from Pintz and his attorney, Chris Van Wagner, and behind them the courtroom filled with relatives on both sides of the aisle. During the week long trial, a confident district attorney presented what he claimed to be compelling medical evidence.

On Friday, January 26, 2007, tensions mounted both inside and outside the courtroom as relatives gathered to hear the closing arguments and the jury's verdict.

"Not guilty on all counts."

Pintz's attorney, Chris Van Wagner, credited the jury with being "able to focus on the evidence of the case".

Count No. 1, 948.02(1) 1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child, Felony B
Count No. 2, 948.025(1)(a), Repeated 1st Degree Sexual Assault - Same Child, Felony B

Responsible Official: William D. Dyke
District Attorney: Timothy C. Baxter
Defense Attorney: Christopher T. Van Wagner
Proceedings: Jury by Trial
Verdict: Not Guilty, All Counts