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The criminal justice system and the criminal defense process are complex, and the information on this website is selective, which means that this website does not contain all of the aspects of the law that must be taken into consideration, nor can this website consider your particular situation. This website does not intend to give you legal advice; its purpose is to provide you with information about the experience, knowledge, and credentials of the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood, to inform you of the areas of law in which those attorneys practice, but it does not nor does it intend to give you guiding legal advice. Before you form any conclusions about your rights under the laws of the state of Wisconsin, your obligations, or your future course of action, it may be tremendously beneficial for you to call the attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood or complete the online case submission form providing as many details about your case as you know so that the attorneys can give you a first-impression analysis of your case.

Whenever someone is facing or has been charged with a crime, whether a civil charge for a first drunken driving offense or a felony charge for a fifth OWI, a sexual assault, white collar crime or a murder charge, every aspect of the case is unique to you and your situation; other people's situations are unique to them; what applied to someone else may or may not apply to the facts of your case or you.

When seeking a criminal defense attorney, the choices are many and the process of selecting the right criminal defense lawyer can be daunting. While uniform codes and laws and uniform PAC's and sentencing guidelines may cause you to believe that every attorney is constrained and the outcome will be the same regardless of who you hire, the clients of Van Wagner & Wood would disagree. Van Wagner & Wood's attorneys have often reduced charges in situations where others may say it is impossible, or won an acquittal (not guilty verdict) when all the odds were against the person charged with a crime. That is not to say that the criminal defense attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood can do this in every situation, nor that they can achieve those types of results in your situation, nor is it a promise or an indication of what you might expect as an outcome; no promises are made, no reliance should ensue; those hopes are not to be created by the content on this site, nor are they implied.

The keys to Attorney Chris Van Wagner & Attorney Tracey Wood's successes and their long record of achievements and successful outcomes are founded upon their past courtroom, plea bargaining and trial experiences and their argument and trial skills honed over more than three decades of practicing law.


Headers are used for organization and navigational purposes only; they do not imply a warranty or expression of legal advice.

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This website, any communications from this website, any communications to you as a result of your contact with this website include automatic response forms (which you may receive if you use this website to contact Van Wagner & Wood's office in any manner) and any communications responding to your request for a first-impression analysis or other information will not form an attorney-client relationship and the information that you share will not be privileged.

In order to form an attorney-client relationship, you must ask the an attorney to represent you and the attorney must agree to represent you. In most instances, you must also retain the attorney and the attorney must accept your retainer.

The opinions expressed on this website may not reflect the opinions of the attorneys.


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The attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood are professionally licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Those attorneys are exclusively devoted to practicing law in the state of Wisconsin, representing people accused of, charged with, or convicted for crimes or drunk driving offenses. The attorneys at Van Wagner & Wood represent people on state crime and drunk driving offenses in the state of Wisconsin and on federal crimes or federal appeals throughout the United States.

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